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About us

GCO Inc.

Military Discipline Meets Civilian Opportunities

GCO is dedicated to forging meaningful connections between veterans and employers. Recognizing the unparalleled leadership and skills that veterans bring, we align these talents with employers seeking to enhance their teams. For veterans, we provide a pathway to fulfilling civilian careers. For employers, we offer access to a pool of dedicated and skilled professionals. Together, we create a synergy where both veterans and employers thrive, contributing to individual success and business growth.

Meet the Leadership

Guided by vision and dedication, GCO’s leadership shapes a future where veterans and employers thrive together.

John Renken


Core Values and Principles

At GCO, we take pride in being a Veteran Owned Organization, not just in words but at the core of who we are. We are owned and operated by veterans. We understand the unique skills, leadership, and dedication that come from military service. Our mission goes beyond connecting veterans with employers; it’s about creating a community where the values of service and excellence continue to thrive. We’re committed to honoring the service of our fellow veterans by providing tailored support, opportunities, and a seamless transition to fulfilling civilian careers. By aligning the needs of both veterans and employers, we foster growth, innovation, and success that resonates throughout our community.