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Onward to Opportunity: Your Guiding Star Post-Military

Aug 25, 2023 | 0 comments

Transitioning from military to civilian life doesn’t mean losing your compass – you just need to reset it. Think of the Onward to Opportunity program as your new GPS, guiding you through unfamiliar terrain towards a rewarding civilian career.

This program, free for active-duty, guard, reserve, veterans, and military spouses, offers industry-specific curriculum and career coaching. With its vast network of over 1000 employers, it helps you navigate the murky waters of the civilian job market, honing your existing skills and developing new ones.

Like a compass guiding a soldier through uncharted territory, Onward to Opportunity helps you plot a course towards success. It provides you with the map and compass – all you need to do is embark on the journey. Don’t lose your bearing during this crucial transition; your next mission awaits.

So, ready to march towards a promising future? Onward to Opportunity awaits. Book a time with us or register today.